Where to with the camera? Video, 4:3, High 8, 12 Min., color, 1994

"Wait a moment, wait, wait a moment, wait a moment!" Just the ridiculous ori¬ginal sound of fear, which doesn’t show itself. The embarassment of real panic. It looks enacted, set up, cause it lacks a dramaturgy, cause it involves no music, which could introduce a certain kind of suspense, cause it lacks the time, the before and afterwards. The quiet before the storm is a fiction, a constructed reality. If you travel to a country being at war—there is nothing special to see, except a few camouflage shirts. You’re going south and don’t even notice, when or where Croatia begins. No empty shops, no people in despair, no emotional clichés. The banal video images don’t say anything, Hamburg is different from Rijeka just in terms of weather conditions. How can you have the images tell something, without forcing them to speak as TV does?