Fictional Aspects, Video, TV material, 4:3, 7 Min., color, 1993

»Fictional Aspects« was first presented as an audio-installation in a small empty gasoline station in the country. At the station, which had been out of use for some time, you could only see two blue oldfashioned loudspeakers, a walkman and a small postcard showing a radio. From time to time the sound would come through the slightly opened window, interrupting the visitor's view of the place, shifting her/him from the idea(l) of a "romantic naturalness" to a different (though also familiar) construction: a home, a living room, a sofa and a TV set.

How does one define situations as "real"? And in relation to what? After re-thinking certain "scenes" the audiotape was transfered into a videotape, and transcribed into the text "fictional aspects in documentary material". Text and video attempt to crosscut an insured viewing position—the agreement, we have always already made while watching. To allow the viewer to see—to see her/ himself seeing.