State Personnel , Video, 4 parts each 10 Min., color and B&W, 1997

»Staatsarchitektur« [state architecture] is a film and video program dealing with the question of im/migration and racism in Western societies. The program is a visual critique of Western Europe’s restrictive im/migration policy and of the ways the media partake of this policy. »Staatsarchitektur« [state architecture] comprises 11 contributions — discussing the topic from the position of the minority (i. e. the legalized immigrant with citizenship), or from the position of the majority (i. e. the white western citizen). »Staatsarchitektur« [state architecture] raises the question of one’s own position as a cultural producer in one’s country, about one’s involve¬ment in the racist structure of one’s »home« country/society.


• Ohneland [Landless] by Hatice Ayten, 1995, 7’

• StaatsPersonal [State Personnel] part 1 by Klub Zwei, 1997, 10’

• Gekommen bin ich der Arbeit wegen [I came because of work] by Goran Rebic, 1987, 23’

• Gülüzar by Hatice Ayten, 1994, 6’
• StaatsPersonal part 2 by Klub Zwei, 1997, 12’

• Material from Achtung Staatsgrenze by Sabine Derflinger and Bernhard Pötscher, 1996, 13’

• StaatsPersonal part 3 by Klub Zwei, 1997, 14’

• Land des Lächelns [Land of Smile] by Hito Steyerl, 1996, 7’

• StaatsPersonal part 4 by Klub Zwei, 1997, 12’