Väter – Täter.  (Fathers – Perpetrators)
National Socialism and Shoah in the lives of the perpetrators’ descendants.

The history of National Socialism and of the Shoah is also imprinted upon our ideas and practices of love, relationships, and sexuality. Klub Zwei speaks with women who researched their fathers’ involvement in National Socialism and who are trying to come to terms with the effects of this on their own person. What images of the self and others do female descendants of perpetrators and collaborators have in love relationships and friendships? What role do hierarchies and power play in the constellations of their relationships? Are love, relationships, and sexuality conceived as political (or politicizable) territories? (www.normallove.de)


Väter – Täter (Fathers – Perpetrators)

"How do descendants of victims and perpetrators deal with national socialism today? How decisive are such familial constellations still for people’s identities? These questions are central to the women artists’ collective Klub Zwei (Simone Bader, Jo Schmeiser).

Klub Zwei’s most recent work, deals with two women, whose fathers were nazi perpetrators. Instead of keeping this fact quiet, they have decided to confront themselves with it consciously. What is remarkable, here, is the focus of Klub Zwei. It is less directed to the conflict between the generations, but to the psychological effects – the question of how strong the bodily matters, intimacy and sexuality of these two women have been shaped by their specific familial disposition."

Dominik Kamalzadeh, Der Standard; Translation: Klub Zwei


Vaeter - Taeter

A video by Klub Zwei:
 Simone Bader and Jo Schmeiser

Camera: Rainer Egger

A 2007, HD, 16:9, Color, Stereo

Language: German
Running time: 28 Min.


 Helga Hofbauer
Patricia Reschenbach

Klub Zwei:
Simone Bader
Jo Schmeiser

 Rainer Egger

English Translation:
Erika Doucette

Serbian Translation:
Govedarica Kostopoulos