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BILDgenerationen (IMAGE generations)

BILDgenerationen (IMAGE generations) works with the television archive of the Austrian Broadcast Corporation ORF. Starting point of Klub Zwei was an analysis of TV graphics since the beginning of television in the 1960s. How did graphic design on TV – typography, signature tunes and corporate identities – develop and change over the years? We were looking specifically at the national TV station ORF, but also at TV graphics in an international context. In the ORF archive we sorted texts, images and sounds designed for the TV screen from different peridos, arranged them chronologically and edited them in a way that a kind of "narration" emerges: a commentary of the images by the images themselves.

The video consists of historical and contemporary television graphics from different television eras. In our selection we also included defective images and sounds. Their materiality reflects the respective recording methods (film, U-Matic, …) and their influence on the design of text, image and sound at a certain time. Finally, we used the form of the subtitle to refer selectively and intuitively to academic research on the role of text in film and television (TV graphics, signature tunes, credits, subtitles, …).



A TV work by Klub Zwei:
Simone Bader and Jo Schmeiser
Directors: Klub Zwei
Material: Archival ORF (Austrian Television Company) footage
Editor: Michael Geyer
Sound mixing: Sebastian Schlachter-Delgado
Realized for the series: ORFIII Artist-in-Residence
Program curator: Judith Revers

A 2014, film and video (digitized), 4:3 and 16:9, B&W and Color, Stereo
Language: German
Subtitles: German
Running time: 29 Min.

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Sixpackfilm (international)